youth ministry 3.0

The last few days I have chosen to revisit Marko’s book Youth Ministry 3.0.  It is an easy read but provides great food to fill up on and a challenge to move forward.  If you have not read it yet, go buy it and sit in a coffee shop, it will be worthwhile.

The discussions that were quite lively have died down a little and there is less ‘euphoria’ over what was written, maybe because we have settled back into our contentment as we recognise that some of our YM 2.0 ways still work and therefore the cost of moving ahead into new ways is too great a burden to bear.

Here in the UK, the youth ministry scene is slightly dfifferent to the USA and it is my belief that we may be a little ahead of our friends from over the pond, however, the principles still stand.  The book continues to deliver for me, even missed my stop on the tube as I was so engrossed again, therefore a second read was essential.

So what reflections after a 2nd reading months later?  For me the challenge is the timing.  We are in transition between the YM 2.0 and YM 3.0 mindset and the culture we dwell in is also split.  Yes, youth culture is ahead of the game, this is not news, but the way the world around us deals with such things is also divided.  I believe youth culture adapts to this better than the adults do – but there are some young people who are themselves in the second era.  Look at the difference in rural and urban settings, the young people are worlds apart in terms of culture, even in the UK!  But that is the beauty of YM 3.0 – it covers both bases, it gives room to work and a freedom to try new things, fail sometimes, laugh and cry, as well as permission to break a mould that some of us may be trapped in.

The challenge of adapting to the changing mindset will require sacrifice and time – my dream is that there will be plenty of us who are prepared to pay the price and give it the time.  I, for one, am willing ‘to sit in the stairwell that leads to the youth culture underground‘ and play my part.  Am trusting that others will sit with me and that we can support one another through this wonderful time in the history of God’s world.

youth specialties changes

change is an interesting thing but today was shocked to read about the latest round of change in Youth Specialties.  The statement on their website gives little clarity but I have to hope that these changes are for the best, yet somehow the news has given me a heavy heart.  Hope those in the middle of it all, especially Marko, find hope and new direction on their journey.  Big hugs to everyone of the heroes at YS.

ym 3.0 and post christendom

youthworkafterchristendomQuite a few American youth related blogs seem to be talking about ysmarko’s book youth ministry 3.0, can’t comment on that book as it is on order and not read it yet.  However, seems like what bloggers are saying about youth ministry 3.0 resonates a little with what I am reading in “youthwork after christendom“.  Am enjoying this book as I travel around and have found myself reading it slowly, in order that I may digest it.

The book’s aim is that “by examining the influences of the past, exploring the stories of those young people who have been partaking in church and by considering the views of those not connected with the church, this book offers insights, theology, practical application and some hope for the future.”  Seems like reading this and youth ministry 3.0 that there could be much overlap and a few challenges ahead.

The Pimlotts’ book will not get as much press and has an English perspective, rather than American, but think that the heartbeat of it is similar – am hoping to do a review as I digest its implications for me and my own ministry.