leader of the pack

There are some quotes that keep your attention, they remain in the consciousness for days and weeks, you can’t let them go.  The following quote from Rudyard Kipling has been like that for me, these last few weeks;

For the strength of the wolf is the pack and the strength of the pack is the wolf

It is a truth of all leadership that it rests and falls on the interdependent relationships that are formed within teams, we have to rely on one another or the team will fail.  This quote sums the relationship in a perfect way.  However, most books, research and articles refer to the main leaders role in relationship and have very little to  say about how you should act/behave/respond as a follower.  When you are on a team, you will be a person of influence, you will still demonstrate skills of leadership – it is impossible not to.  When you are not the ‘leading wolf’, how should you behave?  It is worth thinking through because the day may come when you hear the call of the wild and you become the leader of the pack.