Learning video skills – Zoom

As part of the pandemic, I have been learning new skills very quickly. It seems that many people are joining in the ‘zoom revolution’ and having meetings/coffees etc. on that platform. Yesterday, I was in a licensing service with 46 people, many of whom had no experience on the platform. Here are a few tips that will help in these conversations.

  1. Sound – if you are not speaking, make sure you are muted. It prevents people being bombarded with a variety of sounds.
  2. Video – be aware of light. If you have a window behind, it is unlikely that your face will be seen. Make sure that light sources are in front of you or at your side – it will improve things….honest!
  3. Video again – think of the camera position. Straight on to the face is best but not the only place. Think about the image that others can see and respond accordingly.
  4. Sound 2 – most microphones mean that you can talk normally and everyone will hear, you do not need to raise your normal voice levels…it may sound like you are shouting at people when you want to be talking

Just a few simple tips….hope they are useful to someone