I hate the way people use PowerPoint instead of thinking” Steve Jobs
We are all on the same team. Family doesn’t shoot family.” @kevezell.
There may be times when we’re powerless to prevent injustice, but there must never be a time when we fail to protest”  Elie Wiesel
We are drowning in information, but starved for knowledge”  John Naisbilt
Preach from your scars, not your wounds…”   Nadia Bolz-Weber

: Lazy in Debate

I am intrigued at the moment in watching, observing and engaging in different discussions/arguments/debates. There are plenty in the blog world, on social network sites, in church and pretty much everywhere – all of them have one thing in common. People have become lazy in listening to the arguments being presented. This laziness may be due to online social networks where ‘sound bytes’ are king but I think it goes deeper, it may be because relationships are not deep enough.

People gravitate to a ‘party line’ and then rekindle the well trodden arguments that everyone knows thereby keeping them in a place where they are safe, comfortable and can appear strong. In doing so, they miss important points being made and can miss opportunities for growth. It is a real shame.

Let’s commit to listening to one another a little more and stop being lazy.

Public v Private

There seems to be quite a stir in the online world as Google privacy alters on March 1st and our browsing histories will be used against us in terms of advertising.
Is this really such a big deal considering how much of our lives are already online? For those that engage in social networks there is little that is hidden – that said, my cache is going to be cleared before March 1st, just in case there is something more sinister than I am aware of.

not as many on twitter as we think!

Being on twitter with lots of youthwork type folk and it feels as if lots of people are on twitter.  However, last week, I was at a conference where there were over 50 attendees and no-one else tweeting from the 4 day event.  Last night in Cambridge (see previous post) there were few ‘tweeters’ active in the 800 or so attendees.  All this is a far cry from the plethora of folk at yws11 and ywc11 – to be honest, it was a surprise.

The truth is, there are not as many people on twitter as we think!


a great idea is developing on twitter. The #ff (follow friday) has grown but has little content, #lovemonday actually means you have to say something about the individual that you are following.
It is a positive thing and encourages people. Having been on the receiving end this morning it has proved most uplifting.
If you are on twitter then it can be heartily recommended