living in the real world

One of the dangers of the internet world is that we see things in extreme – things are either brilliant or dreadful.  We can look at friends facebook profiles and can ponder in jealousy at the amazing lives that people have whilst getting upset that we are unable to match their levels.  Problems can then befall and our false assumptions may make us wonder why it ‘always happens to us’ but for others life is seemingly a smooth journey of constant rejoicing.

The truth of life is somewhat different – we all face times of difficulty, struggle, pain, triumph and success.  Admittedly, they may be in different measure but we all face them, the challenge comes from how we address them.

charity finances may suffer

cross my palm
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This last couple of weeks have seen such great spirit on behalf of the British Olympic Team. It is so exciting to see them achieve such lofty goals and the spirit of the nation has raised. There is also a recognition that money has helped spur the competitors and enabled them to compete at higher levels.
Nothing new here but there are the first rumblings of needs for more investment and greater financial support to help us achieve still more for 2012. The London Olympic bid has already impacted smaller charities and I must admit that these calls leave me a little more nervous about how these charities will fare if still more funding is diverted.
I want the British Olympic team to do well in 2012 but the thought of more funds being diverted from the charity sector has made me nervous…….am I right to be worried? IMHO we all need to consider the consequences of the need for Olympic success.