Living Easter

Yesterday we celebrated the Risen Christ, it was great seeing social media feeds full of talk about Jesus. Today we discover the difference that makes in community, in cities, in the world.As ministers of reconciliation, we are called to bring hope, bring change, to see justice and declare the Christ. Let our words of yesterday stay strong and let’s adorn them with action….we are in a new season that this nation may once again turn to Christ.

Snapchat – think twice before using

I am amazed by how many people use Snapchat – it was back in August 2013 that I was downloading new apps when I read this post from Adam Mclane that shared the negative aspects of the app. I deleted it straight away and have never used it.

Adam highlights some significant dangers of the app, its false promises and its darker side, this was a convincer for me, which is why I struggle to understand why others would choose to use it. Is it because of a lack of knowledge? Is it because people love to flirt with danger? Do people love sexual ‘picture’ frivolity too much? These may all have an element of truth behind them but there are as many who just do not care. The recent upsurge in my contacts who are using this app have not convinced me to try it – in fact it is a brick wall that is faced when trying to convince them of the dangers inherent in having the app at all.

Perhaps the greatest resonance of concern is with parents of children and teens. Parents are concerned of the wider stories of sexual predators and what this may entail but seemingly less concerned about the insidious slide of decay when we talk of morality and the way we view our bodies.

It may be true that there are plenty of users who use the app in ‘appropriate ways’ but the question then – why the need for supposed anonymity (nothing is truly deleted once posted!) of the app? There are plenty of other alternatives.

If you are a snapchat user, or thinking about it, please think again – it is not all that it is cracked up to be.  This post will disappear within 10 seconds of you reading it! (Oh no it wont – 😉 )

Too much information….no knowledge

“The irony is that in our anxiety toward not missing out, we are losing the most meaningful moments of life” 

Jeff Goins

Too much information can leave us with no knowledge. We are in an age of information overload but the cognitive skills of most people cannot cope as there is little or no time to evaluate which information sources are accurate and helpful. There is a need to refine the information that we receive so that we can be more effective in its use….Can you trust the information that you are absorbing? It may be worth taking some time to reflect and limit your sources to the reliable ones. As we do this we begin to see other moments of life that are so often missed. Where do we find meaning? In the moments when we receive information or in the moments when are information opens up a route to a whole new world?

Snapchat by mclane

One blogger that I enjoy reading is Adam Mclane as he regularly posts those positive critique posts that are enjoyable and challenging. Back in August, he posted about snapchat with the express purpose of getting people to delete the app from their phones and with the recent furore over snapchat, his blog went stratospheric with over a million hits on one day.
His book A Parent’s Guide to Understanding Social Media: Helping Your Teenager Navigate Life Online is one that we read as a family and has been valuable in our use of social media, there are valuable lessons to consider in it – most of which snapchat cuts right through – and I would encourage you to read this book, and delete snapchat as well as put some principles in place for you and the family.
Social media is wonderful but there can be consequences, voices like Adam’s are well worth listening to. He has a good balance in his thinking and I am pleased that we have people like him to be a voice in this wonderful world. Thanks Adam.