excuse culture

It is all too common to hear excuses, unfortunately many without basis or need, that are used to hide blame or ignore problems.  Far better to be in an environment that accepts responsibility than using excuses for why things are not as anticipated.

“That was before my time here”

“I was not consulted on this”

“I did not know enough detail”

“there is always a significant lead-in time that we had not anticipated”

There are many more, but these are an example of an excuse culture – once in a while they may be valid, often they are not.

imperfections in rewards based activity

If you offer a reward to someone for achieving a goal, you must be careful that you do not force people to concentrate more on the reward than the goal.  If you put the carrot in front of a donkey, it may miss the boulder, the wheel may fall off the cart and the goal will not be reached.

Rewards will serve far more if they help prod people to action rather than being the reason for action.