Familiarity…not always a good thing

Sunset silhouette by thehutch
Sunset silhouette, a photo by thehutch on Flickr.

There is something safe and secure about familiar things. They breed comfort, peace and can provide a sense of well being. However, we must be careful that we do not allow the familiar to prevent us exploring new things.
In london we have all the favourite tourist destinations, the places that people want to see, be a part of and take pictures of. However, London is more than its famous landmarks, more than the well trodden paths, it has plenty of character, hidden spaces and beauty beyond compare that is often overlooked and forgotten.
The same can be said of our lives, our families, our work places, our churches – when do we go exploring, get creative, plough new ground? We do not want to lose sight of the familiar and safe ground….nor should we lose sight of new possibilities and new horizons.

: Flickr back in the photo sharing premier league

Flickr has consistently been a favourite of mine for sharing photographs, well that was until earlier this year. I have reduced my time there and my sharing has been more limited with Instagram taking up more time. This week, the instagram love was knocked as its features with twitter had a few changes in the ecosystem and questions arose regarding its long term viability.
Today something changed, Flickr demonstrated that it was once again getting serious – an iOS app that rocks the mobile world. It is fabulous – sharing, noting, groups, pretty much everything. The yahoo gods have chosen to wake up and invest in the best photo sharing site available (yesteryear) and we have hope that once again, photos sharing will be fun.
The only downside is that there is no android version (an issue for me) but there are promises that one will appear. Meanwhile, I am back to drooling over this new app and looking forward to sharing the Flickr love once more.

be original – try something new on the 4th May

Tomorrow is an annoying day in the calendar and, until recently, it went unnoticed.  That was when some bright spark related May the Fourth with Star Wars.  The result are the never ending comments and smiles as people act as if the joke is new or that they are the first people to think of the connection.

The same issue happens in life – people spot something and the rest follow.  The trick is to be original, be the first, to begin the trend.

Go on, give it a try, be original – try something new on the 4th May

maybe the old maps no longer work…..or do they?

old school tube
Originally uploaded by thehutch

“…People who are lost in the mountains or wilderness, who either survive or die by the choices they make, at first fight to make their old maps work. They do everything possible to make the old maps fit the present circumstance—but they never can. In wilderness situations, this grasping goes on until the person is confronted with the fact that they’re about to die. They will survive only if they acknowledge that there’s no way out of their present peril; they must give up their old maps and acknowledge that they’re truly lost. Once they recognize this, they begin to notice where they really are, what’s going on, what’s useful information available here and now. They make new maps and find their way home.” Margaret Wheatley