Just interrupt?

“Can I just interrupt for a moment?”
Words spoken as a meeting finishes and two of the participants pick up on a conversation. Someone wants to interrupt….what does this say? It can say;

1)my time is more precious than yours
2)my conversation is more important than yours
3)I have a right to disturb you

A lot can be gleaned from this type of interjection and it is usually negative. Patience will earn more friends, develop trust and show character. Persevere in doing right and honouring others, it will pay dividends.

value of meetings

“let’s have a meeting” are words that can inspire some people but for others it can lead to frustration or even fear. Meetings are an important part of life, they cannot be avoided and if organisations are to run smoothly they are necessary.

Meetings that are led well, have good action points and lead to progress are meetings that we all would enjoy.  If we are responsible, we need to take time to make sure this happens – plan, prepare, produce……then maybe meetings could change the world.

best meeting times

Have you ever wondered when the most productive moments are in meetings?  What if the most productive points are the coffee breaks in the middle or the 15minutes as the meeting ends?

It seems to me, the best business, decisions, challenges are addressed most productively, in increasing measure, in the ‘non-formal’ parts of meetings.  It is a little like the ‘door-post’ conversations in offices or the coffee machine conversation.  Looking back on the most productive meetings, this seems to be the place where the most encouraging things happen and often the times that yield the most fruitfulness.

At what points in and around meetings do you feel that you are most productive?