More Shortest Book Reviews…

51JTz+vygyL“Leading a Multicultural Church” by Malcolm Patten – A practitioner and a thinker who lays a beautiful theological cushion from which we can stand and become a genuine practitioner who engages with the multiple cultures of our cities. There is a depth and reality to this book that should be on the shelf of every ministry in an urban setting, practical, real and helpful. 10/10


Doorstep-280210“The World on our Doorstep” by Dewi Hughes – This book answers questions about other faiths, gives tools for how to engage them with Christendom and pitfalls to avoid. A useful book for those seeking to step into evangelism in a multicultural context. 8/10

Who are you?

Too many people seek to hide and live very different in the private life to their public life. The difficulty with this approach is that the truth will always be revealed – the true self will come to the surface. You may hide for a time but at some point the real ‘you’ will be revealed.
Guard your hearts and minds – then you will never have to fear as the real you will be clear in both the public and private spaces.