Leadership Values

What are your values? Not your stated values but those you truly live by? It is important to know the difference because it will determine your effectiveness as a leader and impact the culture you are creating in your organisation.

This week we have seen a major upheaval within the political landscape of the United Kingdom and the values of our political leaders have been seriously tested. A number have resigned. All politicians state that they are representatives of their people and will uphold democratic process. However, it appears that some may have forgotten this. It is easy to knock public figures, what about our organisations? 

So often, we have values that we state, mention and uphold publicly. Yet, they are aspirations rather than heartfelt passions, so that when troubles come…..they can be forgotten. Our values have become a management tool rather than a code we live by. People notice, recognise it and respond in kind. If you don’t truly live by your values, there will come a point when it is tested and you will pay a heavy price. 

What are your values? What are your real values?

to be ignored…..

It is amazing how often we hear it…..maybe, even said it ourselves (we know we have!) that someone is “ignoring me”.  It is more common than we think.  However, is it really true?  Is it that we are being ignored or that people are not communicating with us in the way we would want/need or demand?

Let’s have an example.  If I have reason to doubt that someone is honest, I tend to go quiet with them.  I will say hello or respond if they happen to talk with me but will not go out of my way to begin a new conversation, after all, I am doubting if they are trustworthy.  If they respond in a similar way, it is not fair of me to say that the individual is ‘ignoring me’ – they happen to be responding in kind.

A better response is to ask, why is my communication with this individual lacking?  It may be that before you accuse them of ignoring you, you may have to remove the log from your own eye.