Influence….you just never know…

We may never know the influence that we really have, we may never know what impact the words we have uttered will bring into the lives of other individuals. There is something extraordinary in the way we can bring influence to bear, even better when that influence is for good.
A few years back, I was privileged to hear the story of a young man who had grown in wisdom and stature with his home church. Now a leader, he sought me out to share a few things about his life and the direction that he was now pursuing. It was one of the most humbling experiences of my life. At the end of a bible study programme, he had spoken with me and apparently the words I said, long since forgotten by me (but not him), challenged him to action and a course that would enable his creativity to live. I had no idea….
This week, I spoke with a former work colleague. He shared that I had been influential in his life and that he had considered me to be a mentor during his time in the organisation. I had no idea….
The life you live, the words that you say, the influence you may have may be powerful beyond your lifetime. You just never know the influence that you may be having on the people around you, the changes people are making because you are present….your life, your ways….they are influential, you need to start believing it and acting on it. Make your words a tool for the good, a positive force for others and as you do so, change the world!
Influence…you just never know…

Recognition and Influence

In a moment of frustration, I blurted out, “I am sick of fighting, getting knocked back and then suddenly others make my ideas their own and people accept them!” That was a long time ago but it is a sentiment that has been repeated again and again. Recently, something similar escaped my lips and a trusted colleague reminded me that it is about ‘influence, not recognition’. Pondering this assertion left me feeling that it was untrue.

There is always a need for a basic level of recognition in every human being, it is impossible to go through life without it. Yes, influence is far more powerful but the person who is ignored, will not thrive. Personally, rewrite to 80% influence, 20% recognition – a far more realistic assertion.

What do you think?

leader of the pack

There are some quotes that keep your attention, they remain in the consciousness for days and weeks, you can’t let them go.  The following quote from Rudyard Kipling has been like that for me, these last few weeks;

For the strength of the wolf is the pack and the strength of the pack is the wolf

It is a truth of all leadership that it rests and falls on the interdependent relationships that are formed within teams, we have to rely on one another or the team will fail.  This quote sums the relationship in a perfect way.  However, most books, research and articles refer to the main leaders role in relationship and have very little to  say about how you should act/behave/respond as a follower.  When you are on a team, you will be a person of influence, you will still demonstrate skills of leadership – it is impossible not to.  When you are not the ‘leading wolf’, how should you behave?  It is worth thinking through because the day may come when you hear the call of the wild and you become the leader of the pack.