endings need preparation?

moleskine Some endings can be far easier to deal with than others. Time specific endings given in advance can be far easier to deal with emotionally and mentally whereas unexpected change leaves a deeper grieving process. In the current financial climate there are those that have been given redundancy papers without warning and the cost to their emotional and mental health may be strong. They have had no time to prepare themselves for the things coming their way and so it has become more difficult to adapt to new things overnight. The pain is not just of those who are leaving but also for those that remain. They have to learn new systems, new responsibilities and all this without their friend/colleague to support them.

I am uncertain that you can leave any youth ministry role “well” as there are such a varied list of expectations from those people with whom you engage. I believe it is possible is to prepare people for the leaving and to leave a decent platform for those that may follow. This will allow for the opportunity for new growth and development for others. ¬†How are you preparing?

End of the Road?….hopefully not!

Well today Marko announced the withdrawal from social networking sights and a possible termination of blog updates. I have utmost respect for his decision (have done the same myself before resurrecting just the blog!) and trust that he enjoys the new found freedoms that it brings.
However, I do hope that this does not start a swathe of “endings” as the social media networks have managed to provide me (and others) an opportunity to engage in new ideas, difficult subjects and challenging thinking. There are many blogs that have provided a living room space that have been as iron sharpening iron – so whilst this course of action is right/may be right for some, I do hope that not everyone follows the same path, your wisdom and insight is a valuable thing.