Snapchat by mclane

One blogger that I enjoy reading is Adam Mclane as he regularly posts those positive critique posts that are enjoyable and challenging. Back in August, he posted about snapchat with the express purpose of getting people to delete the app from their phones and with the recent furore over snapchat, his blog went stratospheric with over a million hits on one day.
His book A Parent’s Guide to Understanding Social Media: Helping Your Teenager Navigate Life Online is one that we read as a family and has been valuable in our use of social media, there are valuable lessons to consider in it – most of which snapchat cuts right through – and I would encourage you to read this book, and delete snapchat as well as put some principles in place for you and the family.
Social media is wonderful but there can be consequences, voices like Adam’s are well worth listening to. He has a good balance in his thinking and I am pleased that we have people like him to be a voice in this wonderful world. Thanks Adam.