It is not the mountain top

We often equate success with reaching the top of he mountain – we set goals and once reached we can bask in glory. The truth is that this is only a part of the story. This last few weeks, climbers are using a window in the weather to scale Everest – so many that there are queues of people in places. As people climb, they can see the bodies of the fallen – some who never conquered the summit, some who did.
Success is not found by conquering the mountain alone – success is found in returning safely, the mountain top is just a junction on the journey. It can be too easy to be seduced by a ‘false success’ – returning home is the important thing. Success is the journey, not the junction on the way.

delegation, control or balance?

Leaders claim to be good delegators, followers claim that leaders are too controlling but, in truth, what is the place of balance?

I believe that the best leaders provide boundaries yet allow complete freedom within those boundaries. The point of control is the boundary line, the place of delegation lies within the boundary line.  If people work at the appropriate place, there should be balance.