Decision Making or Strategic Response?

In our drive to be bigger, better and more recognised, we have relegated some words from their lofty heights to a level of ‘normal’. The words ‘strategy’ or ‘strategic’ are in this realm. Often when people make a single decision, someone congratulates them on being ‘strategic’…..errrr…hello? They made a decision, this does not necessarily mean that they are being strategic.

Strategy comes from a number of decisions that help you achieve your goal, it is rather like a game of chess. You have to make a whole host of decisions and you must respond continually to your opponents moves, just one wrong decision may cost you the game but the the strategy comes in the twists and turns of the game.

Making decisions does not make you a strategist but every strategist will make decisions.

best meeting times

Have you ever wondered when the most productive moments are in meetings?  What if the most productive points are the coffee breaks in the middle or the 15minutes as the meeting ends?

It seems to me, the best business, decisions, challenges are addressed most productively, in increasing measure, in the ‘non-formal’ parts of meetings.  It is a little like the ‘door-post’ conversations in offices or the coffee machine conversation.  Looking back on the most productive meetings, this seems to be the place where the most encouraging things happen and often the times that yield the most fruitfulness.

At what points in and around meetings do you feel that you are most productive?