Rude to Whisper? – Tosh!

How often have you heard it said that ‘it is rude to whisper!’ Probably a lot, especially if you have spent any time around children. Let’s put things straight, it is NOT rude to whisper….sometimes it is necessary and it can be the best way to communicate. Please don’t say it anymore.
It is rude to ignore people that are in the room with you or to deliberately leave them out of the communications that are happening in their presence but the volume of the communication is not the determining factor.
It is not rude to whisper.

Communication meltdown

Have you ever been in a situation where the discussion has involved the lack of communication? Yes? It would be quite surprising if you had not. However, it is also illuminating to know that often the criticism regarding communication is usual poor/bad communication too.

If you hear someone say, “I have not been told!”, this can also mean any of the following;
‘I knew from someone else but it was not you that told me’
‘I had been told from someone else but I wanted to hear it from someone higher in the chain of authority’
‘I saw it an email chain but nobody physically told me’
‘I may have overheard it in a conversation between others but I was a bystander’
‘I may have been told but have forgotten’
….and so the list could go on.

Communication is an art….it is not just about speaking/communicating the words but also understanding how they will be received.

: more quotes to ponder

Three quotes from Helio Fred Garcia

“Organizations need defenses against their charismatic leaders. Otherwise such individuals can too readily bully or seduce others into supporting their vainglorious illusions.”

“the biggest challenge of communication is the illusion that it has taken place. Two parties think they’re communicating. But they’re talking past each other. Each labors under the misapprehension that he has made himself understood. At best there isn’t a meeting of the minds; more often there’s outright misunderstanding. Sometimes that misunderstanding escalates.”

“audiences typically don’t care about a company’s operations. They don’t have sympathy for the business challenges or logistical issues a company may face. They care only about the impact on them.”