Don’t fit?….that’s ok

We spend much of our time wanting to fit in, we want that perfect niche where we know ‘we belong’ and where we can be comfortable and settle. That’s not saying that we necessarily want a life free of adventure, challenge and excitement but rather that ‘God shaped hole’ type thinking where we convince ourselves of the utopian ideal for us as individuals.
Life is not always like that, in fact, it is never like that. It’s messy, complicated and we do not always find that place where we belong, because people and relationships are messy. Some of us have the ministry of not belonging, never quite fitting in, never quite part of the group, never quite settled, being misunderstood, now that is a tough ministry!
This sounds quite depressing, it needn’t be. We can be ‘in the world but not of it’ in a whole manner of ways – the real issue in life is not, do I fit? Rather, it is ‘do I have life?’ Now that is far more important.