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Why? January 18, 2016

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Have you ever wondered why people do the things they do? Tell me, why do some people;

  1. phone me to ask if I have read their email? – just do one or the other, not both, you are duplicating workload.
  2. leave a phone message to ask me to call back when they could just leave a better message? – this is just lazy and adding unnecessarily to workload
  3. read their presentation directly from notes and give you the handout? – just give me the handout. If you do a presentation then add life to the written page.
  4. pay for a gym membership to do step training, yet do not walk up escalators? – one is free, the other extortionate
  5. attend a concert, make a poor recording on their phone and then buy a professional recording to watch? – ignore the poor recording and engage in the concert

There are many, many more but these were the first few that came to mind. What would you add to the list?

Balancing Act April 4, 2013

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Balancing Act by thehutch
Balancing Act, a photo by thehutch on Flickr.

There are times in life when things can seem like quite a balancing act. For some people, faith can be like that too!
In truth, the fruit of our faith is not about being a balancing act, rather, it is an extension of who we are. Take the pressure off yourself, be you! After all, you are the only one who can.