misunderstood leadership

One of the expressions readily used by senior leaders and by conferences promoting their offerings is:

Everything rises and falls on leadership

Whilst many will shout a hearty ‘Amen!” to the statement, the danger lurks in how it is heard and the way people interpret it. The interpretation that some may receive and abide by is dangerous and destructive.

This expression is often heard as:

Everything rises and falls on the leader

This interpretation is wrong and should be avoided at all costs. This is a place of great danger and is, at best, misunderstood leadership.

anger and aggression – is it ever a good thing today?

Is there ever a good time to be angry?  Is there a good time to be aggressive?

Was your answer the same for each of the above questions?  In 2012, there are different views expressed to previous generations and whilst there may be good reasons for change, I wonder if we are becoming less tolerant.  Should we allow a healthy dose of each and, if so, what is ‘healthy?