Deal with the Problem Decisively

If you have worked in a team, you will know the score. There will be someone who doesn’t pull their weight, who holds people back or causes trouble for the rest of the team. If the leader delays or fails to deal with it, it may not only destroy the team but it can damage the leaders authority. 

These issues need to be dealt with immediately and openly. It will benefit the whole team. The danger of ignoring the problems will include:

  • Loss of respect – because you allow things to continue unchecked
  • Loss of authority – people will begin to doubt your leadership
  • Loss of staff – good staff members will become frustrated and may even leave
  • Loss of performance – why should anyone on the team perform higher than the lowest common denominator?

If there is a problem, deal with it quickly and decisively 

a higher authority

Do you ever have one of those conversations where someone refers to a member of the team in higher authority to support their case.  Something like;

“I think this and …….* agrees with me” or

“…….* has asked me therefore you must give me the information I require.”

*insert name here.

These conversations are interesting and usually display the individuals lack of self confidence as they are unable to make a statement or request without supporting evidence.  It happens regularly which may demonstrate that there are many people who lack confidence.

Have confidence in your own opinion. Have belief in your own convictions.  It is more powerful that way.