Face Value – a forgotten thing?

We are living in a judgemental world and we are all guilty of falling in to its trap, we like to label people, we like conspiracy theories and we love to ‘lord it over’ others…..and this is just the Christian populace! One thing we may not be so good at is taking things at face value – sometimes people’s action are simply that, an action, an action for actions sake.

It is possible that someone tweeted a good quote because it’s a good quote rather than trying to teach/complain/have a dig/get one up on others.
It is possible that the compliment someone paid is because they were being kind rather than seeking to get in your good books.
It is possible that the comment made was to share a thought rather than for malicious reasons.

I wonder what would happen if we took things at face value for a day. Would we find a better environment? Maybe. It may just be that we would think of people in a better light if we tried to do that more often. I am going to try and make an effort to see what happens. Could be fun.

what would you do?

A bag with a laptop and expensive pair of headphones is on the floor next to a table in a busy coffee shop, no-one around seems to be aware of it, what do you do? Guard it whilst you have a drink and see if anyone comes for it, then claim it as your own?  Hand it in, leaving it to the store owner to make the right call?  Claim it for yourself and walk away?  There are plenty of options but what will you do?

If it was your bag that had been forgotten, you would hope that someone would do the right thing so that it could be reclaimed.  You have to make a snap decision, no time to think?  Quick, what would you do?

Your answer will indicate something about you?  I trust that you are not disappointed.