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delegation – theory v practice December 22, 2010

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most like to meet? May 2, 2007

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who would you most like to meet? A question that I have been asked twice recently and each time I gave a different answer. It was different because of the context. Here are 5 people I would love to meet for just half an hour (ok, so some are not alive, but if they were!):
Youthwork related: Doug Fields, because his books have inspired me and I believe he would sharpen my ministry mind
Church Leader: John Sentamu, because his approach to life and faith inspires me
Leadership Guru:John Maxwell, because he would challenge me
Famous Musician: Freddie Mercury, because he was larger than life
Famous Politician: Margaret Thatcher, because she shaped many a generation and I would love to know what makes her tick
Blogger: Len Evans, because he is a sound guy with heart
Sportsman: Larry Bird, because he worked hard, sacrificed and gave himself for the team