Team or Celebrity?

Currently, the football (soccer) world was taken by storm by an unheralded Leicester team that won through an emphatic season. Their was no stand out stars although certain names began to emerge. Similar to Greece in 2004 when they won the Euros with a group of players that were unknown to a wider audience. This is unusual, most teams will have a player who is considered a star and if the team is fortunate, they will have a number of stars (cf Real Madrid and their Galacticos).

However, it should be remembered that in team sports, a star player cannot win on their own. Think Pele with Brazil, Michael Jordan with the Chicago Bulls, Kobe Bryant with the Lakers. None of these celebrity players could have won on their own – they needed a team around them, most of whom remain forgotten in the mists of time but were essential to the success of the team.

So it is with Church. There are many who would choose to be the Apostle Paul (yet shy away from the persecution and suffering), yet even Paul needed his support people. Many would like to be the author of a great book, new course, on the platform at the global conferences etc. etc. but we cannot ever lose sight of the community of faith. We are all called to play our part and to engage with the mission. Not all of us will receive the credit, praise or be given a platform but all of us are called to love one another, seek each others best interest and to honour the name of God.

Let’s serve the team and be humble enough to accept our place within it. Lets be satisfied to be the Horace Grant, Steve Kerr, Brian Shaw, or Wilson Piazza on our team.

Let’s play!

talk about hyped

talk about being hyped up, am so pumped that I cannot even think of getting sleep right now. From my previous posts you will know that I am fairly excited about Liverpool FC but that pales into insignificance compared to my love of the Boston Celtics basketball team. Yes, they have had a bad season but we will get a decent lottery pick this year and should have a decent team……but the great news is that on 10th October they will be playing in the O2 arena in London, in a pre-season and I have my ticket booked!!! They are playing the Timberwolves so it may be that Celtic legend, Kevin McHale, may also be there. It will be the first time I have seen them play in 8 years and I need a time machine to get me there NOW! My Larry Bird vest is getting dusted down and my cap will be washed, for this will be a day to remember. Hope you get the message……I AM EXCITED!

sports fever

Tuesday is a big night for my football (soccer) team and it is great hope that I will be sat in front of the TV hoping that history laden Liverpool F.C. destroy the Chelsea blue (sorry Jonny!) in the Champions League semi-finals. Whatever happens they will be doing better than my other sports team, the Boston Celtics, who have had the most pitiful season.
Come on Liverpool, let us have another night of glory to brag about for the next few years. Let our European dynasty continue!!