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Cricklewood April 11, 2017

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History, our Foundation October 1, 2012

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From our history, we can build on the foundation with new and greater things.

red arrows – day of sadness August 22, 2011

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red arrow – pilots of distinction, originally uploaded by thehutch.

Last week I had the priviledge of seeing the red arrows on 3 consecutive days – 1 flypast and 2 displays. Each year, at least one of their displays is on my “must see” as they are so spectacular.
Despite their incredible aerobatic displays, safety is paramount. At Eastbourne 2011, one display was turned into a flypast due to cloud conditions. I think that is what makes the accident this weekend so difficult to comprehend and the loss of a pilots life is so sad.
The current grounding of the team is understandable but in my heart, I want the Reds to fly again, they are a great team with amazing talent – my prayers are with the whole team.

Good Friday April 22, 2011

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crucifixion, originally uploaded by thehutch.

Once in a while it is a priviledge to be a part of something special. Today in Trafalgar Square there was an excellent dramatised version of the Passion.
here is a small set of shots from the event.

rose July 6, 2007

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One of the ways that I choose to relax is by indulging in photography. Ok, so not the worlds greatest, just a quick peek on flickr will tell you that! However I was rather pleased with this shot as it came out wonderfully well……..;-)