Widows Mite and Thank You

Something that I wrote for St Peters, Cricklewood;

These have been challenging times for everyone as we adjust to a new normality in the face of Covid-19. The fresh wave of community members wanting to volunteer, to serve others and to engage with those in need is a wonder to behold and demonstrates that we still have the community spirit that some had thought was dead.

Foodbanks and support services bring hope and are trumpeted and rightly shown as examples of servanthood by the many, yet some people are left feeling inadequate. Why is this? They see the need and are responding as they are able but it can feel like a drop in the ocean to the bigger picture and it can be easy to forget that the ocean is made of billions of these drops…..each one contributing to the wider whole.

One day, Jesus was sat in the temple and observed rich and wealthy people dropping in their offerings to the temple plate….I am sure it was an impressive sight. Then a poor widow drops in 2 coins…not looking so impressive and certainly not as big a hit to the bottom line of the temples balance sheet. The response of Jesus is telling;

I tell you the truth….more than all the others”.

The rich gave out of their wealth whilst the poor widow gave everything! The measure of true sacrifice is found not in what we give but in what we keep. What a lesson to learn.

In these days of Covid-19, you may not have given thousands of pounds to others, set up a support centre, a food bank or been on a hospital ward but you may have phoned someone, cooked a meal for someone or given some cans of food to a collection point. You have done what you can and that gift will have been life to whoever received your kindness. Do not despise the small things but do what you are able to do. “I tell you the truth, what you have done for the least of these little ones, you have done for me” said Jesus. Your kindness has been noticed.

Thank you for what you are doing, it is appreciated, valued and important…your contribution IS making a difference.