Leadership Conference 2015 – Day One Morning Session 2.2 (RAH) – Ken Costa

Next up..…Ken Costa….

A passion for leadership is why the Leadership College, London has been created. Ken Costa is Dean of the College. Ken opens with the epitaph of William Wiberforce who ‘fixed the character of the time’. God is on the move and we are seeing a world where spirit filled believers are growing. The financial world is volatile, the world we live in at every level is leaving us with an uncertain future and there are many things that worry us, especially the failure for people to flourish. Many Christians continue to live, due to the burdens of modern life, as if Jesus is still dead. There is too much to live with and too little to live for.

The challenge for any leader to flounder or flourish…”what next?”

The unique selling proposition for Christians? 2 Timothy 2:8 – the unique good news of the gospel. Trust in Jesus Christ changes everything, gives a mainstay for the christian life….our work station should be our worship station.  

We learn to face the future by dealing with disappointment, failure and life. We need to take risks, in the power of God. We must be willing to dream dreams and be prepared to fail and to fail well. We must not linger in the problems but continue to dream, inspired by the Spirit of God. 

How can we be nourished ? – not through the continual consumption of information (cf. dreams of pharoah) but by feeding on God’s word, not with heads down (smartphone heads down generation) but by lifting up our heads. The Lord is strong and mighty and mighty in battle. the calling of this generation is not by age but by attitude. Is this the generation that will seek the Lord. cf. Psalm 24

We are establishing networks of leadership where leadership is needed, across all boundaries, united by the power of God by people who will work together. Societies are changed by anointed networks empowered by the living God. 

“I have seen a lion roar in the wild….only God and my dry cleaner knows how scared I was” Quote of the day from Ken Costa

What are you going to do about this? Whatever it takes! To see a generation empowered and released. To see a generation with their heads lifted high. Dare to dream big dreams.