Leadership Conference 2015 – Day One Evening Session (RAH) – 

Father Cantalamessa – short interview

As Pope’s preacher – “it is easy as I just have to preach about Jesus.” Preparation is by getting on his knees and praying to Jesus. The role of the preacher is just to grasp a message and convey it to the listeners – to share the story of Jesus. Father Raniero currently lives in a very remote place – all he shares as a preacher is from Prayer and listening to the Lord. To deepen a relationship with Jesus, our self must diminish. The more we die to ourselves, the more Jesus can live in us. All his teaching is based on Jesus, looking at evangelism and living in the Holy Spirit.  Going back to the gospel in a simplistic way, we will see what God can do…..’I am convinced that the Christian faith is more alive than ever.’ This interview concluded with a declaration of Romans 10:9

A welcome from Bishop Richard Chartres

We are entering a future that is beyond denominations – a new church even begun in UCL. The Holy Spirit is at work configuring new ways of working together. Many Christians around the world are suffering for their faith but, in doing so, they give us a message to pray for them and are wanting us to advocate for them. We have a duty to remember those who suffer for the sake of Christ. When we remember Jesus in the present, we make up Hs body to transform the world. 

Robert Madu

The blood of Jesus who unites us is so much greater than all that seeks to divide us. There is a real need to give honour where honour is due. Mygeneration can see further because of the sacrifice of those that are older in this room

Hebrews 12:1-2 and 1 Samuel 18:5-9 – On their Mark

  • There is a race set before us and we are to keep our eyes on Jesus. Saul had taken his eyes to look at David. It is comical when we compare each other in the gym – not so funny when we compare with others in life. Who are you comparing your life with? Have you taken your eyes off Jesus? It is a dangerous game to compete with others – like being on a treadmill, it takes you nowhere. Comparison is the number one enemy of destiny, the thief of joy, a deadly game. Comparison will consistently cloud the call of God on your life. There is a call on your life – nobody else can do the thing that God called you to do…..there is a difference between a career and a calling. You have been called and God has given you everything you need to fulfill that calling. You have been created as a masterpiece, so stop complaining about the pieces that you do not have. All we have to do is to stay in your lane and keep your eyes on Jesus…..it sounds simple but it is so difficult in practice. 
  • We all have a universal destiny to become more like Jesus. We also have an individual destiny, to be unlike anybody else ever created. Find your lane and run your race as God intended. Saul was running his race but then took his eyes off God, put his eyes on David. Saul was more concerned with being the king than worshipping the King of Kings. David was a man who worshipped God and sought to honour God – cf story of Goliath. It was a destiny moment. When Saul heard the women singing, he started the downward track – saul killed his thousands and David his tens of thousands….Saul was jealous. He could not separate his own life from the life of David. The selfish attitude will blind you to Jesus and who He is….because your eyes are on the wrong person. If you can’t celebrate other peoples successes, rejoice in other peoples failings, bring conversation to yourself….you have the wrong attitude. Social media does not help….we are often contented until we see what others are doing. 
  • Comparison is so lethal that it will get into every area of your life. It will impact your finances, your spouse….fix your eyes on Jesus so that you can run your race. 
  • When you feel overwhelmed, remember who opened the door. God has given you the grace to run your race, you have to be the person that God created you to be. There is only one you – be you! Fix your eyes on Jesus.