Favourite Queen Songs

One of my favourite bands is Queen. Whilst they lost their frontman over 20 years ago, the music still lives on and has not been lost to the mists of time. I was fortunate enough to see them play live in Manchester 1986 and enjoy putting on an album or two when traveling. With this in mind, I thought that I would write my top ten favourite tracks – it may change next week – no mean feat when you look at the back catalogue….here goes, in no particular order;
1) Love of My Life
2) Hammer to Fall
3) These are the Days of our Lives
4) In the Lap of the Gods
5) Seven Seas of Rhye
6) One Vision
7) Don’t Stop Me Now
8) Somebody to Love
9) I Want it All
10) You’re My Best Friend

and 11) “Only the Good Die Young” but as a tribute song without Freddie on vocals

This list was really difficult as there are so many more favourites but for now, these are my top 10.