Temporal Arteritis

Temporal Arteritis, otherwise known as Giant Cell Arteritis, is a disease that can regularly cause blindness unless treated very quickly. If diagnosed quickly, eyesight can be saved and the treatment is not difficult, the hardest thing is quick diagnosis.
Symptoms of giant cell arteritis may include headaches, jaw muscle pain while eating and vision loss, sometimes this may be accompanied by weight loss and prolonged tiredness. Getting immediate attention is important because it can lead to blindness or severe visual impairment but the treatment is as simple as taking steroids although there may be need to take them on a long term basis, even years.
I have only recently become aware of this because of a family member who had the symptoms but it was not diagnosed by medics as quickly as we would have liked and it looks as if blindness is the consequence. The same happened for a neighbour and it seems as if it may be more common than I realised. It is always worth a visit to a GP if you have worries…..getting checked is always better than ignoring it, otherwise your life could be transformed…not always for the better.