praying for me? Whatever!

prayer time by thehutch
prayer time, a photo by thehutch on Flickr.

As a Christian, I believe that prayer is a good but also aware that my own prayer life is not what it ought to be. As a result, this post is written with a sense of trembling.
One of my bugbears in life are those people that promise to pray but who then forget about you, or seemingly forget about you. I remember speaking with someone and my heart was broken, tears pouring down my face and they said, “I will pray for you” – hope filled my heart, the ‘receive prayer’ pose was adopted and then followed an awkward few moments when it became apparent that they were not going to pray then….#awkward! They have never mentioned anything since. There was an exact repetition with a different person 24hrs later….no joke, an exact repetition. Needless to say, my confidence in those 2 people has been shaken and I will not seek their help again when in need.
Am I different? It is easy to be critical of others but am I the same? I am trying not to be. If I say I will pray, I seek to respond immediately, as well as writing down my commitment (Evernote is awesome for this) and following up with folk at a later date.
What is my purpose in writing this? Firstly, to clear my I own mind and secondly, for anyone who may read this – if you promise to pray for someone, see it through.