Recognition and Influence

In a moment of frustration, I blurted out, “I am sick of fighting, getting knocked back and then suddenly others make my ideas their own and people accept them!” That was a long time ago but it is a sentiment that has been repeated again and again. Recently, something similar escaped my lips and a trusted colleague reminded me that it is about ‘influence, not recognition’. Pondering this assertion left me feeling that it was untrue.

There is always a need for a basic level of recognition in every human being, it is impossible to go through life without it. Yes, influence is far more powerful but the person who is ignored, will not thrive. Personally, rewrite to 80% influence, 20% recognition – a far more realistic assertion.

What do you think?

One thought on “Recognition and Influence

  1. Recognition! Ahh – that is an interesting one. Depending on the job, those who “recognise” our influence may not be the same as those who employ us, pay our wages, we actually “answer” to.

    However, I would put the two things at 50 / 50. Part of recognition IS about recognising influence! The level of our influence sometimes comes through who recognises (appreciates?) the work that we do . . .

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