Too many atrocities

The murder of Lee Rigby was and is an atrocity that should not be tolerated in this nation. It is appalling and has rightly made headlines. However, I am concerned that so many other atrocities such as this do not have the same impact. The 152 teenagers killed in knife incidents in London between 2005 and May 2013 have seen very few with the same publicity as the events in Woolwich this week. Why is that? Is it because of religious connotations, race connotations, ferocity of the attack, type of attack or a mixture of all of them? Why have we become seemingly cold to some of these things?….some only having cursory comment in the media.

How can we tolerate these things? Below is a map pinpointing the teens killed by knives since 2005 in London (just teenagers..not adults)


How do you feel seeing this? Does it stir your heart? Does it make you weep? Come on people, we need to do something! We need to pray! We need to act! This is too many lives….I, for one, want to make a difference