A Flickr or a Flame?

It has taken a while but the new Flickr is now here with a redesigned front page, new business model and a new android app.

I have been on Flickr for a fair few years (April 2006) and enjoyed the communities (groups) and interactions in the early days but this waned as the site gained popularity. With the growth, the interactions became less meaningful as the perceived quality (and volume) of average/poor photographs increased. Alongside this, Yahoo seemed to forget about one of the most exciting aspects of their portfolio and development was non existent. As a result, I began a flirtation with Instagram and forgot about Flickr – keeping the pro account, just in case.

The instagram fiasco convinced me to return to Flickr (with my own average shots) and discard the new kid on the block. A new app helped continue the involvement but the changes yesterday have been a great source of joy – just maybe, Flickr is on its way back. The android app is superb, the new front page a beginning point of better things and hope that the communities may have new life. The pricing structure means that my account will be ‘grandfathered’ and so I can continue at sensible prices without advertising for the near future, without this I would probably stick to the free account and ride out the adverts.

Flickr is back in the game and its future brighter, albeit different, and once again there is hope that the premier photo sharing site will continue to lead the field.

(My site is here and my best shots on explore here)