You are not alone

Sat on a train travelling to a conference an pondering on a few things from the life of Elijah.
I have regularly spoken on 1 Kings 18 and 19 but only today have I noticed that Elijah used the same expression in both strength and weakness. In 18:22 and 19:10, he refers to being the only prophet left – one leads to a major spiritual battle were Elijah stands for God in the tumult, a place of strength, yet in the 2nd instance the belief that he is alone leads him into a cycle of depression.
Elijah was not alone but it does raise some interesting thoughts for me. One day our understanding may lead to great victory whilst the next it may be our downfall. Something to ponder.
The great news is that Elijah was not alone…7000 others. Wow.
Even better to know that ‘we are not alone’…God has preserved others who have not given in to false gods…not alone. All this happened in Gods knowledge and presence – God is at work, whatever the day brings! Hallelujah