Hybels, up willow creek with a paddle

One of the sessions at the conference was led by Bill Hybels. He shared some good stuff that was good to hear again and refreshing in its clarity and directness.

Part of his talk was dealing with the need to attract, develop and retain a good team and he used his “5Cs” to good effect. They are:
1) Character
2) Competence
3) Chemistry
4) Culture
5) Calling

He suggested that, if even one of these is compromised there will be issues on your team and that it is imperative that the leader takes time to ensure these 5 things align.

Some of the sound bytes are below:
“It is not illegal to like the people on your team”
“A high capacity person under challenged will leave”
“The best thing you bring is a Holy Spirit filled you”
‘A contrarian point of view is ok, a contrarian spirit is not’ (paraphrase)