Assumption Destroys Team

Many years ago, I remember laughing at the phrase;
“If you assume, it will make an ass of u and me”.

For a few days, assumptions ceased and communications increased but this did not last long. At a conference (on the subject of leadership) and chatting to a few folk have made me realise that one of the biggest trouble spots for leaders is the assumptions they make regarding their teams, team members and the people with whom they interact.

We thought you would be too busy‘, ‘we believed that you would not be interested‘ and the list goes on. These kind of assumptions can sometimes be right but there is also a danger that regular assumption can lead to fractures of trust and thereafter a breakdown of the team.

Assumptions can be dangerous, it is always more wise to know the facts and the best way to know the facts may be by asking people directly. That wise saying that once made me laugh has more truth in it than many of us wish to believe.