Controlling people

The last couple of weeks have seen an extraordinary number of revelations regarding Jimmy Savile and the ‘open secrets’ regarding his off screen persona, character and habits. The stories are gross and heartbreaking.
However, the aspect of the stories that I have found astounding, concern the control that Jimmy Savile had over people. He kept the allegations of inappropriate behaviour hidden from the public gaze because people were afraid to challenge him. It was not just individuals but organisations and news agencies. This is an extraordinary hold that he had over people.
This type of control is not new, it can be seen in many leaders who have a control over their organisations, individuals, churches, in fact anywhere. Leaders who can sit in meetings and ‘paralyse’ other contributions, use their position to enforce control over proceedings and care only for the agenda that they desire. If individuals speak out, they are quickly silenced. These behaviours are unhealthy and should not be tolerated, yet they abound and go unchecked.
If only people would stand together against such abuse, unite against behaviours that are destructive and work together for a healthy style of leadership that begins with humility.
Thankfully not everyone is guilty of the types of crimes that have filled our papers this week, but there are still those who are broken and laid low because of individuals who abuse their power over others.
Are you prepared to stand up and be counted? If you are, I trust that you will not find yourself alone.