Disrupted lives

The 3rd July was a crisis day as I was taken ill on my journey to work and ended up in hospital for a short time. It was a terrifying experience that showed me the best side of life in London when Strangers on the Tube were fantastic in supporting me, Tube staff excellent and the medical teams superb – the best of London.
I am still not back at work, my summer plans are in tatters and life is somewhat disrupted. My family have been awesome in looking after me – love them to bits – and I am filled with many questions. During this time, I am learning to avoid asking ‘Why?’ but rather to learn to trust despite the problems, issues and hurdles that are in front of me. It is an interesting journey.
The likelihood is that I will soon be perfectly fit and healthy again(just waiting on a few more tests) but who knows, meanwhile I keep my confidence in God and trust Him whatever comes my way.

5 thoughts on “Disrupted lives

  1. karen says:

    keep us posted Roy….we will pray, having a little insight now into the way that life can suddenly take a very different and unexpected turn. Hang on to God and know that whether you feel like you can do that or not he will hang onto you.

  2. Lori Clark says:

    Thank you for your blog dear friend….hoping and praying that you continue to gain strength and are fully and completely healed…perhaps the lesson won’t come until after you’ve gone back to “normal life” …for me I gathered to not overlook my health and not to take family for granted…times like these I wish I could paddle the pond and be there to help whether to make you laugh or to let you know in person how special so many of us think you are! You are not alone and our heavenly Father is always there to cry out to, shake your fist at or to even send His heavenly creatures to give you comfort! I pray for you a Peace that passes understanding. Your friends and family love You!!!!!!! Take care and give my best to Debs and Caleb!!!!!!!! Lori

  3. Iain says:

    hi Roy, missing you at the office (and online), glad to read this update. WordPress’s tremendous advertising algorithms coming up trumps again and making me smile. Don’t know what ad other people are seeing with this post, but it’s giving me one for an upcoming film, ‘Expendables 2’… 😉

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