Book Review – dont step on the rope – leadership

Another leadership book you cry! Yes, another, yet somehow this one seemed worthy of a review, I enjoyed the read and found it useful.

In truth, this book is about leadership within teams and uses the analogy of Walter Wrights own rope teams to make his point  You do not have to be a mountaineer to follow the examples and the stories and most of the points that are underlined are filled with anecdotes from Wrights time walking the mountain trail.

The usual leadership points are made; relationships, responsibility, accountability etc. but there are some fresh ones too such as shared memories and humour, forgotten traits in many leadership tool boxes.

The book is easy to read, challenges in a gentle manner and is a good starter for a young leader who is exploring what it means to ‘step up to the plate’ and take responsibility.  By the end, you may even want to try some mountain trails yourself.