excuse culture

It is all too common to hear excuses, unfortunately many without basis or need, that are used to hide blame or ignore problems.  Far better to be in an environment that accepts responsibility than using excuses for why things are not as anticipated.

“That was before my time here”

“I was not consulted on this”

“I did not know enough detail”

“there is always a significant lead-in time that we had not anticipated”

There are many more, but these are an example of an excuse culture – once in a while they may be valid, often they are not.

One thought on “excuse culture

  1. Well, what I have learned from one of my mentors is: either you are on the “excuse” team or on the “result” team… Since then I have reused that frequently with my managers and their teams, always reminding threm the “excuse vs result” position. Make sure to buid a “result” culture and not an “excuse” culture; obviously this does not mean discarding excuses but more supporting your teams in making sure they can remove any hurdle to focus on the result… (this often goes back to the discussion of setting and managing one own’s priorities – or getting the necessary support to do it efficiently)

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