Lonely at the Top?

Two conversations in the last week and watching the One Show interview of Michael Portillo regarding the recent film about Margaret Thatcher, have all referred to loneliness in leadership.  In all 3 conversations people claimed that being in the place of authority meant that you were alone in making decisions and therefore carried the weight of responsibility alone. Poppycock!!

If you are a leader with responsibility, there is no need to carry the burden of that responsibility alone.  If you do, you are not including others, misunderstanding the role of teamwork and, if I may be so bold, leading through selfishness and arrogance.  The final call may be yours but that does not have to equate to loneliness unless you have isolated yourself from others.  This style of leadership belongs to a bygone era from the industrial age and thankfully disappearing – it may take time to filter through some organisations but it must do so.

Lonely at the Top should be reserved for the history books!