The youthwork summit 2011 was a resounding success with a good mix of contributors leaving the assembled throng plenty to reflect upon, debate with and be challenged by. It’s style was similar to the TED talk approach with short presentation and opportunity for debate following for those that wanted. The worship aspect of the day was more traditional – as if Rend Collective Experiment could ever be traditional, and the end of the day has people wanting more and the call for summit 2012 ringing in the ears.
There is no doubt that the event itself was ‘top drawer’ but it is by no means perfect. There are downsides, an event like this is high energy and drains the reflective soul, the length of the day means that aspects of youthwork practice/theory are paid scant attention, yet for all these the event works extremely well and scores highly in the sense that it achieves those things that are its target goals.
A quality event that is/should be an important part of a youth workers calendar. May 19th 2012 is the date for next year, cancel your champions league final tickets, set your TiVo to record day one of the Olympic torch relay and plan to be in london at the youthwork summit 2012.

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  1. I think I know what you mean by ‘drains the reflective soul’, there was so much in the day, I got so much out of it and can’t wait for YWS12. But I really want to watch each of the talks again and give myself plenty of time to reflect on each of them and fully process and apply what they were saying.

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