salaried or volunteer youthworker?

For the last few years, I have ceased to be a full time salaried youthworker/minister/whatever.  Thankfully, the role for which I now draw a salary has some engagement with young people but it is no longer the primary role.  This means that much of my contribution in the youth work world is done as a volunteer and after over 15 years in salried roles, this has been quite a change.

The advantages of being a volunteer in youth work and ministry?

1) The politics of organisation can be more readily avoided (not ignored though!)

2)People in authority often treat you better

3) It is easier to avoid the red herrings to effective work

4) Influence on behalf of the youth team is expanded

These were my top four – it has to be said that I miss aspects of that salaried role but nevertheless, love the things I am doing now.  Neither is better, or worse, its just different.  A little like the Starbucks logo change……hmmmmmmm.


2 thoughts on “salaried or volunteer youthworker?

  1. Like Roy, I also left paid FT youth ministry a few years ago. I would add the following positives of being a volunteer from my last few year’s experience:

    – it’s easier to keep the main thing the main thing
    – the Church appreciates your input more
    – young people KNOW you are there because you want to be
    – it’s easier to maintain a healthier work/life/ministry balance
    – you can avoid meetings that have nothing to do with youth work
    – people have less expectations on you (so you please them more when you exceed them)

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