It takes a very strong character to go a length of time without experiencing a time when you are crushed in spirit.  It is an experience we can all face, albeit in different ways, and one that has the potential to sap all our energy and motivation.
It can be people or circumstances and often we have our own triggers for the things that hit us hardest. These things are a reality that we must learn to deal with, the real challenge is how we move on in order that we may breathe new life to our wounded soul. Take courage, stand firm and recognise that you can gain strength from the situation. You may be crushed but you do not need to be defeated, find rest and bounce back, it will be worth it.

“all this seemed oppressive to me – until I entered the sanctuary.”

2 thoughts on “Crushed?

  1. I really like this post Roy, those times of feeling crushed are so painful and seem to last for so long. The journey out however is liberating if we just hang in there.

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