employing a youthworker

After several conversations in the past few weeks, thought it was worth throwing this up.  Hope you find it helpful.

If you want to employ a youthworker;

1) Ask, “Why do we want/need a youthworker?”

2)Ask, “Can we do the task without a youthworker?”

3) Ask, “Is it necessary to appoint a salaried youthworker to do the task?”

4)Ask, “what would be our expectations of the appointed worker?”

5)Ask, “Are we able to adequately support and supervise the appointed worker?”

Before you do anything, ASK!  These 5 simple questions, if answered honestly, will help you determine whether you should even begin the journey of having a youthworker.  Feel free to ask them.

Oh yes, feel free to get great advice from AMAZE – quality resource material that will help you do things well.