quietly moving on

The cult of ‘celebrity’ is often knocked, battered and beaten, yet how often have we dived feet first into the mire and through even the best of intentions found ourselves being exactly the same as that which we despise.

In Christian ministry, youthwork of all shapes and sizes, charity work and so forth, we have to tread the fine line of ‘selling’ what we do in order that we have the finances to survive.  As we become successful, we need to do more and more to keep the dreams alive.  Bigger, better, stronger, wider, deeper, higher……the publicity begins to go beyond the truth and the myth is alive and kicking, we believe our own hype and we arrive……celebrity.  We have great pasts, hope for great futures and in the meantime can forget about today.

However, there are those that are quietly moving on.  They do not get the national recognition, are not on all the social networking ‘top tens’, yet their work and ministry is vital.  Day by day they carry on, recognised by just a significant few but not receiving the plaudits that others may receive.  The youthworker in Islington, the community worker in Dagenham, the Church worker in Southwark…….quietly moving on.

I just want to say a big thank you to those forgotten heroes who day by day, week by week, give of themselves, supporting and helping others, even when the recognition is absent.  You are special people, Thank You!

2 thoughts on “quietly moving on

  1. Amen, Roy – thanks for posting this.

    Whenever we host our area youth leaders gatherings I’m humbled by the passion, commitment and inspiration of the dozens of volunteers who are giving their time to young people. As I hear each of their stories I think, “I could never do that!” because, to be honest, I probably couldn’t.

    But theirs will be the names the young people remember. Perhaps that’s what really counts.

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