looking for God

nothing cheap in cheapside, originally uploaded by thehutch.

so the lenten season begins in earnest after this evening – so many people looking for God in different ways, removing the unnecessary from their lives for 40 days, adding in the ‘important’ things for 40 days and so on and so forth.

……after the 40 days things can return to normal, the self control can be dispensed with and the life of sacrifice ignored once again. Wonder how different things would be if it was not a 40 day change for a season but a lifetime of committed change?

I am not extra holy and certainly do not want to knock those who are trying things/dispensing with things for lent. My fear is that the changes are only seasonal whereas I believe God wants our whole life to be transformed. There are way too many things that I am not prepared to do without, even for a season, if only it was different. Am I prepared to give all that I have to the poor? What am I willing to do? A mite?

Truth is…..I do not know ……..however, in it all there is the quest of looking for God