losing our religion

After being involved in faith based ministry for a number of years, it has been a priviledge and a joy to see the excitement and enthusiasm of many different people engaging with others and seeking to serve, support and develop their community.  Releasing the passion and watching people take wings is heartwarming and gives me a buzz – even better when you see the rewards of changed lives that follow.

The difficulty I face is how we then ‘support’ these new and fresh ideas, with the idea of sustainability and growth.  Usually we begin by getting someone administrative in to work alongside the visionary, then we seek charitable status, then we seek to market things better, then we seek to duplicate and before we know it – we have a business.  The founding heart and passion is somewhat diminished, if it still exists, and there is far too much time then wasted on fundraising strategies, managing organisation and policing ‘the system’.  What has gone wrong?  Simply?  We have jumped into business and marketing principles and lost the reason why we started – Faith!

Sometimes I wonder if there is a better way – some days I just wish it could be found.

One thought on “losing our religion

  1. I lost my right to preach by allowing the world and work of God to become more important than honoring His Holy will. I testify that He has come back to get me after years of horror. But a word of warning to all who pursue the work of God as though it were a business. He had mercy on me. But the interlude of drinking, divorce, social shame, and near death at my own hands was a heavy price to pay for such a sin.

    Serve Him, not the work.

    By His Grace.

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