handing on old dreams

A few years back I took on a private mentoring project – the organisation that employed me felt it was not financially viable even though the project fit in with its aims and objectives.  It was something that excited me and so took on the idea to run with it.

I met with lots of people, became rather excited, put lots down on paper and mentored a group of young people one-to-one.   That side worked well and was a real encouragement.  However, the most important development never quite progressed in the way it was intended.  It was a course for training adults to have confidence in mentoring young people from different types of background – the course outlines and practical engagement were fine but somehow it did not click.  Some people registered for “the course” but they had no desire to be good youth mentors, their intent was a piece of paper to say they had done some mentoring.  Two years later and it still niggles me that we never quite completed what was started or envisaged – you feel as if you failed and let people down and that still wrangles with me.  To those who supported the idea, thank you for believing in me, sorry that we never quite delivered.

Should I let go of the dream?  No!  That is not an option – today all my material is handed to someone else and trust that it is useful to set them up to ‘finish the race’ and complete what was started.  Today the old dreams are handed on and my part is finished.